Why does my browser go back to the previous page without me clicking back?

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  • Post last modified:January 26, 2023
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There are a few reasons why your browser may go back to the previous page without you clicking the back button:

  1. The browser’s back button is being triggered accidentally: This can happen if you have a touchpad with a gesture that allows you to go back a page by swiping. If your touchpad is sensitive, it may register the gesture even when you don’t intend to go back a page.
  2. You have a keyboard shortcut set up to go back a page: Some browsers allow you to set up keyboard shortcuts to navigate through your browsing history. If you accidentally press the shortcut key combination, your browser may go back a page.
  3. There is a problem with the website’s code: Some websites use code that automatically redirects the browser back a page. This can happen if the website’s developer has included code that is supposed to redirect the user to another page after a certain amount of time or if an error occurs.
  4. Your browser’s history is being changed by malware or an extension. If an extension or malware is installed in your browser it can change your browser’s history and make it go back to previous pages.
  5. A problem with your browser: Sometimes a browser bug or a problem with your browser can cause it to navigate backwards unexpectedly. Updating your browser to the latest version can fix this issue.

To solve this issue, you can try disabling any gestures or keyboard shortcuts that you have set up in your browser, check if there are any extensions that might be causing the issue and scan your device for malware. If you are still experiencing the issue after trying these steps, it may be helpful to reach out to the website developer to report the issue.

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